If Only We Could Learn From Our Children

Have you seen a baby learning to walk lately?


He stands up, then falls, then stands up and falls, then stands up one more time, takes a step and falls on his face, then cries hard but soon enough he stands up again before his tears dry up, and falls again.


He spends his whole day doing that, standing up and falling in his face, until he gets tired then sits down and falls asleep. He wakes up the next day or a few hours later to try again, forgetting all the pain and disappointment he went through earlier.


He carries that on until he masters standing up, then walking and finally running and jumping. Who taught you that, my child? It is your sound and unimpaired instinct that still hasn’t relapsed, which God has given you.


It is the human instinct of determination and hard work, one that calls you to use every second of your life and every heart beat and prevent it from going in vain. Time is either yours or against you, what passes of it cannot be returned. It is the instinct of belief that work is a mission and an obligation.


If only we could learn from our children their sincerity in what they do and their determination to achieve their goals.


When the mind gets sick, the human nature relapses and a person gets disappointed, tardy, hesitant and fearful, afraid of trying and of adventure. When instincts relapse, it becomes our enemy that prevents us from progress, achievement and fulfillment of the mission for which we were created.


How is one supposed to be victorious after losing the most valuable friend and guide: the human instinct which God created it with? Struggling and striving and persistence are not limited to a certain age or a certain time; these qualities might be deeper and more prominent in the elderly than in the youthful, as they are the reflection of the purity of the mind and the stability of the human nature. It is a quality of time, unknown to anyone but the one who created it, its sweetness is only known to those who experienced it.


And no one practices it better than our children… If only we could learn from our childhood…