If Only We Could Learn

One Canadian newspaper, The Saturday Sun, published news in its June 5, 1993 issue about a 10-month-old Muslim Bosnian infant with meningitis – a condition that cannot be completely treated without immediate diagnosis. Unfortunately, the infant was born in an area where proper treatment was unavailable. However, the infant’s parents did not lose hope and were courageous enough to pass through an area surrounded by Serbian snipers to finally reach to the airport, where UN peacekeepers had to abide by the rules and prevented them from going further. On the fourth night, the father carried his son to one of the UN peacekeepers and pleaded with him to carry both of them across the airport runway to the other side. The peacekeeper agreed, going against the instructions he was given, and by the time they arrived at Kosovo Hospital, the boy had already passed away.


“It was possible to get treatment and avoid death if the child was carried to the hospital when the mother wanted to,” one of the doctors at the hospital ranted.


This incident is one of tens – or even hundreds – of the tragedies that happen on a daily basis in Bosnia, as a result of the annihilation war by the Serbians against a whole nation, in the name of “ethnic cleansing.”


What is truly sad and painful is that the Western and Islamic reactions do not commensurate with the events, or with the prevalence of injustice and the atrociousness of the offence. After all, we are all delinquent. If a similar incident happened to a Jewish child, we would see the whole world trembling; the Jews would be able to lay a guilt trip on the whole world, and even hold the world – especially the United Nations – responsible for the death of this child. We would see them working and planning on using this incident, not only to reclaim their right and punish the offender, but also to serve their other interests. There would be full media coverage of the incident; newspapers would publish on their front pages and radio stations would conduct personal interviews with the child’s parents during the main broadcasting hours, resulting in society’s interaction and the issue would receive the proper attention.


If only a small portion of what is happening to Muslims today in Yugoslavia happened to the Jews, from killings and murder to assault, rape, torture, harassment, displacement, demolition and burning, we would see their reaction … We would see how they would dedicate themselves to defend their causes… We would see the whole world trembling.


If only we could learn from the Jews their dedication to defend their causes…


Al-Muslimoon Newspaper – 1993