Injustice, Justice And Empowerment Traditions

Signs of the spread of ignorance is for people to witness events and are not able to read what’s behind the line of dominant traditions, thus being similar to purring a book into someone’s hands, and as they read it, letter by letter, barely aware what is formed from words by those letters, let alone what is formed by those words from sentences, and what they carry from meanings or tell from stories behind the scenes in their examples, wisdoms and lessons.

What we live in today is no different than what have passed throughout the ages, scenes are changed, people, time and place as well, but traditions stay to announce itself, and assures the ability of the creator on his creations, bounding us to traditions.


And we can find many examples about injustice throughout history, and prophets ‘Mohammad’ examples and sayings about nations of Islam, who are in fear of opposing oppression, and those who oppress are doomed with suffer and are denied blessings.


Yes…Injustice is the shovel of destruction of homes and countries; justice however, was defined properly by one wise man, by saying: Justice is scale of balance put by the creator, its statues of righteousness do not go against its balance, and does not oppose its authority.


To Muslims, the creator is just, and with justice he established heavens and earth, and there is nothing on this earth faster in destruction than inequality and the demise of justice.


And if you want to know the place of justice in people, look at how much equality is achieved in them which is the very meaning of justice, though a just system is everything, to handle life matters with justice is only bound to improve and be built even if governed by people with no ethics, and when life matters are not built on justice it cannot be established even if they govern it with people of faith working to their end.


And where rulers establish and apply justice, their reward and punishment amounts to what they carry from great responsibility. And those who do not abide by the rule of justice are bound for no mercy in days to come.


That’s why every time I close my eyes, going back to memories of recent history where we heard, witnessed and read about brothers of us in religion and humanity falling under the claws of oppression and injustice to a limit that words cannot begin to describe, in (Halabjah) a nation is being burned with its children, women and old, witnessed by the whole world, cheering for a tyrant while supported with money and armor with the excuse of protecting the eastern gates, in a neighboring region to it, the whole city of (Hama) is being bombed by jetfighters killing women and children and the old while raping young Muslim women in jails by their jailers, all this and still did not awaken hearts of the nation, nor anyone came to help rescue them, those claimers of right and protectors of religion and many more, all compiling above each other, where God can see and hear, giving them time but not neglecting those tyrants, until the prayers of all oppressed are mounting, only then those doors of answer will come in, and where prophet ‘Mohammad’  say:  three are the ones who’s prayers are answered, the fasting until the break it, a just leader and the prayers of an oppressed that is carried above and doors are opened to it, and where it’s given a promise to be fulfilled even if after a while, and only when the time is right.