Intellectual Migration

No two people differ on the goals of any good community to see its people work and find themselves in what they do, building the community is to build the individual, and building the individual to to build the community.

The structure of the community cannot stand unless the dignity of the individual is preserved, and from the duties of accomplishing those dignities is for the community to provide its individuals with an honorable profession with dignity.

Yes, no two can differ on what has been said above, but the difference usually would be what revolved around ways of accomplishing this precious need and noble goal, how many goals were lost because of wrong reasons and ways regardless of the good intentions of those who take reasons to accomplish it.

My discussion with you today is not about accomplishing the aim or goal of securing a job for the community individuals, but a different subject no less important or dangerous than the first subject but is a the first reflection of many segments of the community, those segments is a very dangerous and influential part of the whole community equation, which won’t find a balanced solution without the considerations of this segment.

It’s the segment of Creative, genius and smart intellectuals and science which I will call (Intelligentsia).

As the unemployment a reflection of the community’s failure to embrace and contain its individuals and a waste to its energy and invalidate their role in building their communities, but unemployment has another face which is a reflection from those in the eyes idealistic people, this face although different from those at first in its naming but shares the same indications as a failure of the community and wasting its energies, dysfunction and disable the role of a segment (Intelligentsia) which has another name called “Intellectual migration”.

Some communities may find themselves trying to solve the unemployment problem without the consideration of intellectual migration, and the reason for that refers to the fact that unemployment has an ugly face that we can see and touch, embodied in young unemployed bums, which has social, economical and direct political implications, but unemployment in the segment of (Intelligentsia) has even an uglier face for the short term and more destructive on long terms, if individuals are the bricks of building the society then Intelligentsia are the construction poles, Ideas always challenge death by the horns and will refuse for its owner to end up in the streets like a bum or at their house lazy from doing anything, if narrowed down it will migrate with its owner to a land that appreciates intelligentsia, to a land that youth of intelligentsia see their ideas turn in to a growing fact, and bigger and better with continuous efforts, and so turning the idea owner from an obscure poor young man to the higher rich thanks to what have been instilled in them from thoughts and was blessed with the drive of taking reasons by the hand.

There are communities that do not turn the poor to rich regardless of their thoughts and perseverance unless they belong to people who take twisted roads, and in those communities only money makes money, but ideas and their owners thoughts are driven away from money owners where you find economical, social and political laws, all servings this rule and revolves around it.

Those communities does not know how to be subjective, or to have integrity or justice in its study for what intelligentsia people can offer (whether it was an invention, a creation or a project or even a book) but those communities only care for its own: How much money, power or influence do we have? but instead, economical and financial institutes should do an efficient role between matching between good ideas that can build a successful base for the community with and the money that is considered the vain of live, if those institutes can successfully accomplish money with money mergers, their people will become richer regardless of any idea, and only them would the community lose its pursuit for money and the real meaning of money as a goal not a way to build the earth and benefit humanity.

In such communities, traits are sold and bought with money, exactly the same way everything is sold; enslaving the whims of people against each other, the rich becomes more rich and powerful with a persistent desire for money in them and not in the goodness that can come from this money and to their communities.

And the community becomes poorer due to what it lost from virtues of intelligentsia and the use of money to serve good ideas.

An thus, the community loses an idea after another… a project after another… and them the ideas, projects, inventions and creations start to migrate with its owners, one after another.

One member of intelligentsia is worth a thousand or more, a hundred of them is worth a hundred thousand or more.

How many lands were revived with little money by intelligentsia?

How many lands were lost by a lot of many without the existence of intelligentsia?

And the community pays one more.