Let’s Start With Human Beings

We live in an era of studies and research in all kinds of science fields, especially medical and health fields; this is obvious and natural since health to each human being is the most precious aspect to have, adding the medical advancement was needed for the progress of humans in other sciences that started to feed the essence of their achievements to serve medical research, the closest example to that is the roll done by super computers in Genetic Engineering, and there are many other examples; what used to take researchers months to achieve is now done in a few days.

Americans give special interest in medical research and studies; it appears to observers and readers of American strategies that achievements and medical health products are going to form most of the American exports in the next century, in order to control the economy through its medical achievements.

There are more than a million researches done annually in the medical and health fields, and what is spent to perform those medical studies and researches exceed countries budgets.

Medicine is one of the sciences not prohibited on us, but also the ethics of this profession and its human nature forces humanitarian advocates from the west to make this information available to the public, and this is the reality of a researcher in fields he can obtain accurate information about each research and study that gets a grant regardless of the donors, those research outcomes are published in its stages that has been achieved in the certain fields of specialty, and is available to whoever see them.

Why is it then that we did not keep up with the west in medical studies and research which is the highest human sciences, and we have all the elements of progress, success and creativity even by the loads, as research, studies, reflection and consideration in creations, and to use science and research outcomes to rebuild earth is considered the peak of worshiping for Muslims before being a human necessity or a civilized picture or economical power, but to us it is all that covered with divine aspirations.

And here are factors and elements important for progress and development of research.

But the human factor, Muslim and Arab scientists have excelled in the west, especially in medical fields.

The financial factor however, many of Arab and Muslim money goes to support those medical researchers in the west in a direct or indirect way through investing in medical companies or supporting universities and westerns hospitals that in part supports research and studies over there.

After that comes, a factor that combines between both and attracts them is the surrounding environment which is considered the most important factor to success and creativity in fields of study and research.

Scientific research and progress only evolves from an environment that makes individuals feel as humans with their full rights, preserving their freedom in speech and their right in providing ideas, as discoveries start with theories, and theories start with an idea, and ideas are like seeds, they do not grow in arid lands.

The reason why we stood behind in fields of research and studies has roots deeper that to be treated by establishing research centers and support them financially even though it is required and a need, but it is only a reflection of an inner defeat, and the only right way is to start with human beings that were blessed by its creator.