New Global Income System

In its 29th edition of November 1999, the New York Times published an Ad in the form of an article on a full page, titled “The Invisible Government” which 23 institutions and organizations from different fields such as human rights defense, labor unions, environmental protection and health safety that contributed in producing and preparing for this article, and the goal behind this Ad is to expose the goals of the World trade Organizations.

The article indicated that, although that (WTO) became one of the most powerful global organizations, but is functions in secret to accomplish corporate and financial organization interests, and to priorities those interests above any standards or other values, but to also work in destroying any values or standards that goes against their goals (in any country nevertheless) to achieve its objectives, giving itself the right to interfere in internal matters of any country to subdue them under their laws, even if was on the account of principals, example and objectives of those countries.

The organization does not hesitate to practice the necessary pressure to subdue countries under their laws, and examples mentioned by the article are many, I choose 2 of them only:

  • Thailand was forced to stop manufacturing an effective medicine for Aids as a result to the united states threat and the WTO with the possibilities of economical sanctions, because it will effect medical sales for American corporate, and as a result of that, most Aids patients in Thailand are unable to buy the extremely expensive American Aids medicine, knowing that this disease is spread in Thailand more than in the U.S
  • Another example is one of the Latin American counties (Guatemala) that had to lift the ban on an Ad for an international children food company (Garber) claiming that the advertising company products are more beneficial and healthier that natural breastfeeding, and this of course of pure lies and baseless claims, mothers of a complete country are being lured to accomplish financial gains to international food company that has influence on WTO.

The article indicates that WTO has a court to resolve conflicts between countries; this court does its work in secret, away from media and mainstream, while having enforceable decisions that affects counties and nations’ economies.

The article also indicated a dialog that went in a conference held in Seattle USA in November 1999 to issue a resolution that allows international institutes and companies to enter different fields of public sectors such as education, health and media, and thus can international corporate such as the Japanese Mitsubishi control American schools, and (Exxon) controls the BBC.

The article indicates that it’s going to become impossible for any country to boycott any other country on any grown bases, even if it was for reasons such violating human rights.

Also indicated in the article is the global economical gradual openness during the past 20 years that resulted in increasing the wealth of rich only, that it also happens to be that the wealth of only 475 billionaires is equal to the annual income of half the humanity as a whole.

With this quick background, readers can realize the reasons behind Seattle’s protests in December 1999 where American cops used teargas and rubber bullets, usually rarely used on opposition from the American public, but to which they applied even a curfew (if they do this to opposition from their own nation, how about opposition from other nations).

The world is moving in an incredible speed, and we cannot stop this train, and we cannot burry our heads in the sand, in the years to come countries and their people will be winners while others are going to be losers, but countries and their people will prevail on the account of slavery of other countries and their people, and this is what was offered by the new world order to humanity.