No Shame in Religion

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common conditions in our modern times, where unhealthy lifestyles are on the rise, such as using substances, smoking, alcohol consumption, high blood pressure, diabetes, physical and mental pressure, artificial stimulants and many other clear and unclear factors.


The difficulty of treating this condition in America used to be the fact that patients refused seeing a physician for treatment, thinking that it affected their manhood. The problem continues and worsens without medical attention, which might even lead to damaging a couple’s life and results in separation or divorce in many cases, although many health conditions that cause erectile dysfunction are treatable and treatment could be simple. The condition could be the result of taking medications on a daily basis, as in the case with ulcer, heartburn and high blood pressure medications. In this case, the condition could be cured as soon as the patient switches to a different medication. It could also be caused by smoking, where treatment is achievable – God willing – depending on the patient’s willpower and the ability to quit. Diagnosis can be done using a special medical device (there isn’t enough space in this article to go into details). Moreover, erectile dysfunction could spring from psychological factors in the sub consciousness, which can transfer into the patient’s conscious mind once he rectifies and understands them better with the help of professionals.


Certainly, there are more complicated cases that require other sorts of treatment.


In America, the multi-level educational programs were so fruitful that a lot of people chose to undergo treatment, and hundreds of cases are successfully cured on a daily basis.


The Arab man finds it hard to admit such a condition and hides it even from his doctor; a consequence to the misconception that it hurts his manhood.


Justice and equity are two of the pillars of manhood, and who is more worthy of a man’s justice and equity than his own wife! A wife’s shame and shyness can prevent her from complaining to anyone but God, even though it is one of her rights which were clarified and even defined by God. In this case, there are too many details to mention here, including what was narrated about Omar Ibn Al-Khattab (may God be pleased with him) in a dialogue between him and a woman complaining about her husband. Omar talked about that and explained her rights as the Prophet (PBUH) did before; there is no shame in religion.


Real manhood requires that a Muslim visits a doctor to search for the cause and the medicine if he was affected by erectile dysfunction. Who knows, it is possible that treatment is a lot simpler than he thought, especially if it was diagnosed during the early stages. It is also possible that deceleration, failure and neglect might cause the condition to worsen, and a visit to the doctor could be put off for many years, after which treatment of the physiological and psychological harm become more difficult, in addition to the damage inflicted on the wife’s mental state and the marital relationship.


Okaz Newspaper – Tuesday Second Jumada 1417 AH falling on 22 October 1996 AD