Prayer For The Children

One of the characteristics instilled in humans by god is the ability to adjust with life changes, with is a basic characteristic to assure the continuity of human existence, this characteristic has its positives that are significant, but like many other things in life this characteristic has negativities as well, as it has a different face in many occasions, this face is called becoming hollow, or the inability to perceive the event with a level of psychological awareness that is accompanied with the event for the first time, many examples in our private lives such as the doctor who works at the emergency room, and the sergeant operating day and night.


In completing faith, believers are required to put efforts on themselves, training it to see with the eyes of a child around it, standing while examining and reflecting, which cannot be with adults only with continuous efforts to remove the layer of hollowness that covers the heart.


There are always opportunities to shed a small light to enlighten the eyes like never seen before.


Yesterday while praying, a hint of this light came up on me that left an effect in me I like to share.


While praying in the mosque, the called for a prayer on a child, thus beginning the rituals of praying to the dead, then I asked myself, isn’t heaven what awaits this child at the other end? I was answered: Yes.


I then asked myself: did this child commit any wrong to deserve from us to pray for forgiveness? I was answered: No.


Why is then, that millions of Muslims pray, and cut their spiritual connections with God to pray to this child who’s already in the hands of God where heaven awaits him?


Here, I realized some lessons and wisdoms from this prayer, this realization has shock me as if it is the first time I live through this experience.


The wisdom of prayer is to train the self to deepen the spirituality and the sanctity of the soul, and to make Muslims feel as one body where every organs, big or small, interacts with each other and assists its weakest links.


This divine training cannot achieve its results if it didn’t have practical reflections on a Muslims life, and it doesn’t take much to recognize that this training did not reflect on our lives as Muslims.


Thousands and thousands of people were order to pray on a child death, without giving or receiving any benefit, as they are already in the mercy of God and his heavens, but Muslims and their emotions to see an innocent child being killed all over the world, on the hands of other Muslims.


And here I asked myself: Did our prayers turn to rituals and traditions with no creditability to them in or lives? Or did our hearts die hollowing our senses, unable to see what’s behind the rituals?