The Abandoned Tree

The wisdom of God has set Adam and his wife to earth, where Adam sets the first seeds to the first tree of succession on earth and then for prophets to take charge one after the other calling verses and words of one God, giving people and teaching them the book and wisdom, teaching them how to take care and vow the tree, as described by the words of God on farmers in all his verses with all religions.


And where our prophet what the best of farmers, and excelled in the good of his people, their upbringing and education, rooting in the tree with strong roots until the earth became all roots and have risen in the sky until earth meats its skies where all humanity can benefit from its shades and goods of its fruits from east to the west, and where the divine law has set humans free and saved their dignity, and set rules of equality, assured and guaranteed rights, respected the mind and thought, and where all of humanity saw the fruits of this tree from civilizations and what it brought from knowledge, science and scientists in all fields of life transmissions, mental ability and building the earth, and where life around interact and works with them, thus becoming the full extent of the meaning that explains itself and so life speaks from around them with the most beautiful words that have embodied in their stillness before their movement and in their silence before their calling.


All other harmful trees have shrunk beside the goodness of that tree, followed by generations after, taking layers of this tree, losing its essence, changing meanings with meanings, and where dressed with emptiness, having what’s left of the tree to the level of their understanding, thus weakening the farmers instructions (prophets) in their selves, where the holders of the last divine message on earth have lost this message  and the spirits of teaching the goodness of the farmer ‘Mohammad’, and thus losing the full comprehension to worshiping and prayer, becoming rituals and losing rights of worshiping, and where divine laws became toys in handful of men, and where the thought is valued with men, after men were defined and valued by thoughts, congealing  the mind and thought, and interpretations came by text and not by reality and diligence, thus losing their values trying to find themselves away from the tree, forgetting their message and their role in providing that tree with what it needs to keep growing and increase its strength, where drying its roots and the fall of its leafs, shriveled with dried fruits, thus becoming without shade to protect them or fruits to feed them, bringing other trees colored with views of life, those were only Quasi-trees, they do not hold the meanings of a good tree only similar to a mirage of water, and people were fooled with it, mesmerized with its beauty, and thus shading under them, comparing both trees, the good one with the others, becoming an unjust comparison, for this good tree has left long ago, sedition persisted where all the goods of the earth and the energies of humanity are gone away from the good tree, thus changing life from around them, speaking the most hideous words embodied with what is around it from oppression and tyranny, wars and wasteful blood, and the loss of human rights.


The value of holders of the last divine message to earth is by returning to that mother tree, rooted in earth since Adam set foot on earth, and will stay till the end of life, without coming back to it and support it as we have no value where inside of the earth is better for us that what was on it, and this tree won’t fruit again what it fruited the first time, and that is with building humans that were blessed from God and made them successors to this earth, so let’s start with humans and let’s stop fooling ourselves.