With Humans Not With Rocks

Every time I wanted to write about something other than Palestine, my hands refuse only but to write about Palestine, I went back in history forecasting present with past throughout the articles I wrote the past two years, and what I forecasted in aches from my present was only answered by words of past and to only break those aches to pain and suffering, as if I clothed each word with its soul when yesterdays nightmare was true today, and when Jews ambitions yesterday became gains today.


And here I present you some of what I wrote in the past couple of years.


I wrote a year ago an article called “War and surrender”. I started with article with words from he culprit Israeli Prime Minister ‘Aerial Sharon’ in a report published by the BBC where he said: “It is the right of Israel to sue who it wants, but it is, with no doubt, not the right of anyone to sue Jews or Israel”. And I said in my article:”Sharon came for war, and nothing but was, he came to kneel Arabs to sign a full and comprehensive surrender treaty in action and not with words, and he did not waste anytime soon after, destroying more than 600 Palestinian houses in less than a month, and started to prepare to build the alleged temple on the ruins of Al-aqsa mosque, and anyone would be naïve or ignorant to suspect in Israel’s intentions in demolishing Al-Aqsa mosque to build the temple on its ruins within the next few years as planned. Reading my article titled “Museum of the Temple of Solomon” where I explained the detailed of the museum that was opened on Wednesday the 18th of April 2001 next to Al-aqsa mosque in the basement of the palace where Muslim caliphs used to live during the rule of 7th century, and I mentioned in the same article that “there is no shame in war defeats made of fleeing and gains” as they are in pain as you are in pain, pleading to god what they do not desire. Yes! There is no shame in defeat, but the shame is to be despised by your enemy and not even care what comes of you and does not put you into account, and how could they respect you when faced with live bullets and heavy tanks with a rapped land and murdered people and defiled their sanctity only to have screaming words in the face of the enemy that said: “No solution put peace”, and I wrote in another article titled “The Peace playact is over with the drum sounds of War” where I said:


On Tuesday the 6th of February 2001, Robert Fisk wrote an article titled “This place was tarnished with blood and filth and forever attributed to Ariel Sharon” he also said: “Today Israel has elected a new prime minister, he will become the master of the strongest country in the Middle East, and he will visit the United States and enter the white house to shake president Bush’s hands but his name will always be synonymous with the word ‘Butcher’ for all the massacres in Sabra and Shatila in Beirut on 18th of September 1982, and for all what happened in that massacre from killing, slaughtering, raping women and children, and I detailed in Sabra and Shatila’s article what came from the words of the British journalist Robert Fisk, and finished off my article by saying that: Ariel Sharon was elected by Israeli people to accomplish a mission and play a part that can only be played by a veteran criminal with his qualifications and history of terror, some political analyst believe that Israel is planning a new military action with a new expansion, while they continue to expand and settle since the road is open for it, and will not hesitate in building their Temple on the ruins of Al-aqsa mosque, and those Muslims who are not awaken by the sanctity and sacredness of human souls won’t be awaken by the fall of rocks, even if there was no rock more sacred than this one”.


And in my article titled “The Iron Wall” I spoke about the famous article written by the founder of the modern Zionism ‘Ze’ev Jabotinsky’: The wall is soon to be completed but a small part, that is, for the Palestinians to reach a state of frustration, and this was written by ‘David Ben Gurion’ in 1936: “with no doubt, there won’t be a pact or comprehensive convention at this point of time, where we must covey Arabs to the point of total frustration, and this frustration won’t come as a result of frustrating all their revolutions against us only, but as a result of our fast growth in Palestine to submit all Arabs under the Israeli state”.


The Era of class differentiation, forbidding blessings, blinding insights with confusion, imposing the nation between submission and resistance, the resistance which Al-Refaie wrote about tens of years ago in the article “saad Zaghloul” where he mentions: “This orient does not live by politics but by resistance, as long as the west stay with their intentions, and the pray cannot escape its predator’s jaws unless it resists those solid jaw bones; how many have they put big politicians to be ministers, and the job becomes to minister not a minister, even if they took their clothes of and put them in their places, it would have been more beneficial to their nations, as those cloths would carry much less evil. All people would accept living with wealth, power, rule and control, and this is not the case with Arab matters, but it is: who is the politician that accepts to be crucified…?

People filled with enthusiasm can always fuel resistance, but if this resistance was not employed to expose its nations flaws and inconveniences, and the reasons of their inner defeats, just as it is employed to fight the enemy, otherwise it is bound to fail from the inside as a result to their flaws and endemic vices, which speaks for itself and not from within just like a mirage of water. This was expressed by Al-Refaie in the most beautiful expressions in his article titled “Nations’ enthusiasm” by saying: “Nations’ enthusiasm is not only on their enemies, but on their inconveniences and flaws as well, and especially on their weaknesses. But Nations with half-hearted enthusiasm, even if they get two raped rights, they are bound to lose one or both, and nations with strong enthusiasm, if raped with two rights and got one back they would outdistance the other”.


The ignorance of 21st century was not in worshiping stone, but people worshiping people, and there will be no victory for Muslim nations, nor will they get back their pride and dignity until they demolish all those human idols.