International Medical Center المركز الطبي الدولي

The 300 bed, state-of-the-art International Medical Center (IMC) is a multidisciplinary hospital that is committed to delivering a service like no other. One that would captivate it’s visitors and staff, engulfing them in it’s new approach to medicine and building a new culture that will take patience to grow but will soon be transmitted to […]

Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center المركز الحضاري الإسلامي في بوسطن

  The Islamic Society of Boston (ISB) is a mosqueand cultural center for Muslims in Cambridge, Massachuestts . The current Imam is Basyouny  Nehela. ISB offers daily, weekly and annual programs for Muslims including Arabicand English classes on religious and secular topics as well as a religious school for children and holiday programs. The society also […]

Al-Ahilla Drs أطباء الأهلــة

حاضنة طبية تعليمية .. لصناعة سفراء من الكوادر الطبية التي تضيف تميزا إلى المجتمع الطبي